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What is MicroBlading?

MicroBlading is a process performed by a highly trained permanent makeup artist and licensed esthetician in a medical facility governed by a medical doctor and nurses.

How Does Brow MicroBlading Work?

A sterile, one time use hand held tool with tiny microblades are employed to place a channel in the brow area where the hypoallergenic colored pigment is deposited.The channels and ink are deposited into the skin in such a way as to simulate the look of very fine, individual hairs.


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  • What Is The Process For Brow Microblading?

    The shape of your face and brow bone will be analyzed and a mutual decision is made about the best possible arch, style, color and shape for your best look.Once you have decided on the style of your new brows the process is ready to get under way.The brows will be cleansed in medical grade solution to prevent bacteria in preparation to receive the treatment.  Then the area will be numbed with medical grade numbing cream (extra charge) to ensure the highest level of comfort for you throughout your treatment.Every effort is made regarding cleanliness and sterility to ensure your safety during the treatment.

  • Does Microblading Hurt?

    At Cienega Med Spa we offer medical grade numbing cream so that your comfort is ensured.  No other micro-blading treatment center offers this.

  • How Long Does Microblading Last?

    For most clients, the results of quality MicroBlading will last anywhere from 18-24 months, with few touch ups required to input pigment that may fade.

  • Do Most Eyebrows Require Touch-ups After Microblading?

    Yes, for most clients, the initial treatment will fade a little and a touch-up is suggested 4-6 weeks out.  We include the price of a touch up in the original cost of the treatment, as an added bonus for you.  Touch ups thereafter are charged at $350 per session.

  • What Happens During The Touch Up?

    During the touch up, the MicroBlading technician will fill in any missing hair strokes, fill out the shape, and enhance the color.

  • How Is The Color Put Into The Skin?

    The very fine tipped tools which are used, will use micro-fine blades to cut into the epidermis and the upper dermis. This allows the ink to penetrate deeply and creates an extremely natural look.

  • How Long Does This Treatment Take To Perform?

    For the majority of clients, MicroBlading will only take about one to three hours from start to finish. This depends on how sparse the brows were to begin with.

  • What Is The Healing Process Like?

    Your eyebrows will go through a variety of stages before they hit the “just right” phase. Immediately following the treatment, the brows may look a little too dark. Then, they may scab up a little and appear flaky for a couple of day.  Then, as the pigment is absorbed, they may look a little too light. Some of this deep pigment will rise up to the surface, and the brows will appear to darker a little. All of these phases will be complete around the one month mark. It is at this point that many clients choose to have their touch-up; the base foundation has been laid, and the final touches can be made to ensure perfection.

  • Any Special Post Treatment Instructions?

    It is important to NOT use any creams or lotions directly on the eyebrows following the MicroBlading procedure, as this could literally wipe away the ink and remove the results of the treatment. This should be adhered to for a least one week post procedure. Avoid activities that cause increased sweating and moisture for 2 weeks post treatment. No steam rooms or hot tubs for a couple of weeks, as well. Be sure to apply a post treatment protective cream before showering and when cleansing the face, as moisture can cause fading of the brow color when it is still setting in.Once the ink has set, be sure to apply a layer of sunscreen to the brows so that they do not get faded by the sun for a period of 2 months.

  • Pre-treatment Suggestions

    Avoid waxing for a week prior to MicroBlading. Avoid excess sun exposure and do not tan for a week prior to treatment with MicroBlading.Stay away from coffee, alcohol and energy drinks on the day of the treatment, as these may cause bleeding.It is also recommended that you avoid aspirin, vitamin E and Ibuprofen for about 24 hours before treatment as well. Also avoid chemical peels, laser or dermabrasion of any type for 2 weeks prior to Microblading.

  • What Can I Expect From The Results Of My Microblading Treatment?

    You can expect to have thick, full looking brows with the perfect arch that are guaranteed to give you that “wow factor”. Be prepared for a lot of compliments! This is a long lasting treatment that enhances your natural good looks while saving you loads of time and frustration.  Our MicroBlading specialist is a world class professional with years of experience. We know you will be so thrilled with your MicroBlading procedure that you won’t know how you ever lived without it.

  • Who Is A Good Candidate For Brow Microblading?

    Anyone who is tired of thin lifeless brows. Those who would like thicker and/or darker brows. Anyone needing an improvement in the brow arch. On the go types who want to stop penciling their brows every day. Those who are missing a great deal of brow hair. Great seeking a touchup microblading session. Must be 3-6 months since your last session. Great for men and women.

  • Who Should Not Get This Microblading Treatment?

    Those who are pregnant. Breastfeeding, as anesthetic can not be administered. Those with a history of Keloids Diabetics Those with cancer, epilepsy or autoimmune disorders Circulatory and/or bleeding disorders If you are taking blood thinners of any kind Sunburn Use of strong retinoids must be avoided for 6 months prior to Microblading Must wait 2 months post treatment with Botox, Dysport or Xeomin Must wait 2 weeks post chemical peel