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How Does PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Work?

We take a small blood sample

Nutrient dense proteins are extracted from that blood

This protein, known as PRP, can be used on the face or injected

Develop better skin in weeks post treatment
What is PRP?

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a golden-amber liquid serum derived from a small amount of your own blood that is infused with plasma & proteins used to stimulate collagen & cellular repair for improved skin, hair and wellness.PRP can be applied topically after micro needling, or it can be injected into the scalp, face, tissue or ligaments.

What does PRP do?

For the face, PRP can be applied through MicroNeedling, or injected where anti-aging is needed to helps with pore size, clogged pores, scars, pigmentation and texture issues, to name a few of the benefits.


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  • What Is Prp, Vampire Facial, Liquid Gold And Prfm And What Is The Difference?

    You may have heard all of these names, and they refer to very similar treatments:Our Liquid Gold PRFM is a treatment that includes Micro-Needling plus the PRP/PRFM solution, applied topically.

  • What Does Prp Mean?

    PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is the nutrient dense serum that is derived from a small amount of your own blood. This bio-identical, hypo-allergenic solution is nutrient dense and includes growth factors that speed recovery time & promote results. Because this serum is gold in color, we call it our Liquid Gold treatment.

  • What Is Prfm?

    PRP is similar to PRFM (Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix) which provides a more nutrient dense formula. We provide PRFM at Cienega Med Spa.

  • How Does It Work?

    Our Liquid Gold PRFM unclogs deeply congested pores, repairs skin tone & quality, reduces pigmentation and delivers key nutrients to your skin.

  • How Does This Treatment Differ From Other Laser Treatments?

    Our Liquid Gold PRFM provides the absolute best results because it is loaded with bio-identical nutrients that are full of proteins, plasma and more.PRP or PRFM may be added to most laser skin care treatments, however its best paired with Micro-Needling, which is what our Liquid Gold PRFM Facial includes.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Prp/prfm?

    Unclog deeply congested pores, repair skin tone & quality, reduce pigmentation and much more.

  • What Results Can I Expect?

    You can expect near immediate improvement in texture, tone and clarity of your skin. When used on the scalp, you can notice an improvement in dry or flaking scalp, hair thinning, hair loss and more.

  • Who Is A Good Candidate?

    You are a good candidate for our Liquid Gold PRFM if you are looking for a stronger treatment that yields noticeable results, in as little treatments as possible.

  • Who Is Not A Candidate?

    Most people can be treated successfully with our Vampire Facial however those with the following conditions may not receive treatment:Those with a sunburn in the desired treatment area. Those with active/inflamed acne in the desired treatment area. Those with Psoriasis/eczema in the desired treatment area. Those with open cuts/wounds in the desired treatment area. Those who have a history of keloids on face. Anyone on Accutane (must be off for at least 6 months prior to treatment). Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Those using topical retinoids such as Retin-A. (Please stop using 1-2 weeks prior to your scheduled treatment.) Those using blood thinners or steroids (alternatives that are allowed: laser treatments such as Clear & Brilliant or Pixel)

  • Does It Hurt?

    No. We provide our clients with a free medical grade numbing agent that reduces any treatment sensations.

  • Is There Downtime?

    Post treatment, you will most likely want to go home right after, as it may appear as if you have an egg mask on your face. The night of, you will want to refrain from a workout, travel or other social event. You may return to normal activities the next day.

  • How Many Treatments Will I Need?

    Because our Liquid Gold PRFM works so well for skin recovery, many benefit from just one session, however those looking to dramatically improve their skin may benefit from 2 or 3 sessions, booked 4-6 weeks apart.

  • Do You Offer Discounts Or Financing?

    Yes, we offer 10% off for a pack of 3 treatments, 15% off a pack of 6 treatments, and 30% off a pack of 10 treatments. Please ask our team about our financing options.

  • What Prep Do I Need Pre-treatment?

    Please come to your service with a face clean of makeup, SPF, etc (you may wash your skin when you arrive).

  • What Will I Look Like After My Treatment?

    There is very little "downtime" and typically post treatment it will appear as if you are wearing an egg mask. Most clients like to return home post treatment, and return to work and normal activities the day after treatment.