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Glutathione Detox Therapy

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What is Glutathione Detox?

Glutathione is the master detoxifier and antioxidant and has a "cult" following because of its immense benefits. Glutathione aids in detoxifying the liver, lungs, intestines, and kidneys, and when given in high doses can positively improve immunity, wellbeing, mood as well as the skin.

How Does It Work?

Glutathione is a vitamin that can be delivered as a shot (in the muscle) or through the vein (by IV or push). Those looking for the highest amounts of Glutathione will want to choose our iv options. It is recommended to start a course of weekly treatments for ideal results.

Treatment Options & Costs

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  • What Is The Difference Between A Vitamin Shot And A Vitamin Iv?

    A shot is injected into the muscle with a syringe, which can be done in les than five minutes, however does not provide hydration. An IV inputs a larger amount of vitamins and hydration directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption.

  • What Is A Vitamin Push?

    When you don’t have much time, but want a lot more vitamins than a shot would provide, a “Push” may be the perfect option. A “push” is like a high dose vitamin shot delivered (pushed) directly into the vein. It’s quick, painless and powerful, but does not provide a significant amount of hydration.

  • What Health Concerns Are Helped With Glutathione Vitamin Therapy?

    Glutathione specifically helps the skin, hair, mood and overall health of a person by detoxifying the liver and the body. Glutathione is the master vitamin to help those with low energy, anemia, dull skin, athletic recovery, weight loss, muscle building, hangovers, dehydration and much more!