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4-6 hour IV drip with NAD for anti-aging, athletic performance, brain function, detox & withdrawal & more.

300 mins
What is NAD+?

Wonder why kids have so much energy? Its because of the active mitochondria (the powerhouse of each cells) that is responsible for creating 90% of our energy to sustain life and support organ function.As we age, our cells begin to lose power, and one mitochondria begin to suffer. This is where NAD+ IVs can help.

How Does NAD+ IV Work?

NAD+, or Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide plays a key role in mitochondrial function. NAD+ is a central metabolic coenzyme involved in cellular energy metabolism and energy production. NAD+ is an amino acid found in every cell in your body and it is responsible for how quickly you age.

Because of how NAD functions in your body, NAD is essential in metabolic function, slowing the aging process, promoting athletic function, boosting brain repair & function and is diamond standard for the forceful alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms.  Research shows that with NAD IV treatments you can reverse the effects of aging on your mind and body.

How Do I Get Started with NAD+?

NAD+ IV is recommended to receive daily for 5 days minimum. Each iv is a 4-6 hour treatment that consists of pure NAD in a half liter iv saline bag.  Please plan accordingly for best results.