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B12 Injection

B12 keeps your nerves and red blood cells healthy. It is responsible for the smooth functioning of several critical body processes while also improving energy and mental clarity.

10 mins

B Complex Injection

Referred to as vitamin B complex, the eight B vitamins — B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12 — play an important role in keeping our bodies running like well-oiled machines. These essential nutrients help convert our food into fuel, allowing us to stay energized throughout the day.

10 mins

Athlete’s Retreat Injection

Repair, rebuild and replenish

15 mins

Be Happy Injection

Destress, feel great & promote ideal health. B12 in two forms (Methylcobalamin & Hydroxocobalamin)

10 mins

Biotin Injection

For healthy hair, skin and nails.

10 mins

Brighten Up Injection

High dose Vitamin C & Glutathione to reduce the damage caused by free radicals & slows down the formation of melanin, responsible for skin darkening or hyper-pigmentation.

10 mins

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the body form & maintain connective tissue, including bones, blood vessels, and skin while fighting free radical damage.

10 mins

Cold Buster

Combat a cold or flu faster with this shot of Vitamin C, Zinc & Glutathione.

10 mins

Fat Burner Injection

Methionine, Inositol, Choline, plus L-Carnitine, Leucine, B1, B5, & B12.

10 mins

Folic Acid Injection

Folic acid is a B vitamin that helps the body make healthy new cells. Everyone needs folic acid and especially women who wish to become pregnant to prevent birth defects.

10 mins

Girl’s Best Friend Injection

Vitamin D3, Biotin & B12.

10 mins

Glutathione Injection

The most powerful antioxidant which keeps all other antioxidants performing at peak levels. Also great to boost your mood and your skin.

10 mins

Immunity Booster Injection

Glutathione, Vitamin C and B-Complex

10 mins

L-Carnitine Injection

Energy, fat burning and endurance.

10 mins

Lipo Shot-MIC Injection

Lipotropic MIC (Methionine Inositol Choline) injections are used to help release fat deposits & to help burn calories.

10 mins

Liquid Fit Injection

MIC plus L-Carnitine, Leucine, B1, B5, B12, B Complex and COQ10.

10 mins

Loaded B’s Injection

B5, B6, B12, and B Complex

10 mins

Metabolizer Injection

Boost your metabolism with this injection of B12, B Complex, L Carnitine and MIC.

10 mins

Vitamin D3 Injection

For healthy bones.

10 mins

What Is A Vitamin Shot?

For hundreds of years, doctors have been injecting vitamins to aid in wellness and immunity in children and adults.  Today, receiving a vitamin shot is a quick and effective method to boost your health, mood and wellness.

Vitamin shots are far superior than taking oral supplements since your muscle fibers absorb the vitamin in full for immediate and sustained effect. No losing vitamins in the GI tract anymore.

The result? An instant, noticeable improvement in overall body and mental function, and often a dramatic boost of energy so you don’t need that third cup of coffee or sugary snack mid day!

How Does It Work?

Using water soluble vitamins and a syringe, we inject a small amount of pure vitamins into the muscle of your gluteal region. You can choose from several different vitamins and often get several vitamins at once.

People of any health background may enjoy a vitamin shot.  Those with compromised health can get vitamin shots at any time with very little to no negative reactions whatsoever.

Those with anemia, lyme disease, chronic infections, and chronic fatigue have benefited from our vitamin shots.

In the 1980s, Dr. Myer’s studied 15,000 people who were ailing from common conditions such as allergies, asthma, migraines, cold/flu/fever, chronic fatigue as well as more serious conditions such as depressions, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, narcotic withdrawal, as well as athlete and peak performance. He developed and tested a “cocktail” of vitamins to be received at regular intervals.

The results were staggering, helping those thousands of people feel better, perform better and gradually, but drastically improve their health over time.  Thus the term “Myer’s Cocktail” developed, which is the explanation of using vitamins in an iv bag.

At Cienega Med Spa, we have developed our vitamin menu to include the most comprehensive offering of nearly all vitamin injections.

What Is The Difference Between a Vitamin Shot and an IV?

A shot goes in the muscle.  An iv in the blood stream through the vein in the arm.

A shot is time release.  A shot is the marathon runner.

A vitamin iv is the fastest way to infuse a full host of vitamins. This is the sprinter.

The muscle absorbs the vitamin shot over the course of one week.

The iv is instantly infused and remains in the system up to 3 days.

Certain vitamins cannot be injected, such as magnesium.  Certain vitamins cannot be given in an iv, such as CoQ10 or Vitamin D.

How Long Does It Take?

A vitamin injection takes no more than 5 minutes. 

Does It Hurt?

You might peel a slight pinch upon injection and a possible slight burning sensation at the injection area. 

Is There Any Downtime?

Not at all. You may go back to work, your workout or travel plans immediately after a shot. It is recommended to receive energy shots early in the day, as they can give a boost of energy if received late at night.  

Are There Any Risks from Vitamin Shots?

Minor risks include bruising or pain at the injection site.  More serious complications include bumps at the injection site or muscle tightness at the injection site, which completely resolves at most 3 months post treatment with proper care. 

Can You Overdose On Vitamins?

Again, typically no, as the vitamins we use are water soluble. Meaning your body will absorb what it needs, and pass what it does not. So naturally your body will pass the extra vitamins through.  We do limit the amount of times clients wish to receive vitamin shots as more is not necessarily more. 

This is also why you will want to make sure your vitamin therapy center is doctor supervised and a nurse practitioner is monitoring your treatment progress as we are at Cienega Med Spa.

When Will I Experience The Benefits?

Often our clients remark feeling better within 5 minutes, and even remark that they can taste the vitamins. Most clients feel the effects of the vitamin drips within a few hours and up to one week post treatment.

How Many Shots Do I Need for better Skin?

Many seek out our vitamin drips to help improve their overall skin appearance, and even lighten their skin tone.  This is possible through our High Dose Glutathione and Vitamin C shot the “Brighten Up”.  We typically recommend a package of 6 IVs to be received over the course of a few weeks. 

How Often Can I Get A Vitamin Shot?

We like to suggest that you receive our vitamin shots as needed for energy.  If you feel tired, sick, hungover, or just plain “blah” our vitamin shots can come to the rescue.  If you are very sick, you may receive up to 3 shots, in the course of one week.

If you prefer to have a regular regimen of treatments, we would recommend no more than 3 shots per week.

Can I Get A Vitamin Shot When I Am Sick?

Absolutely. It is recommended to receive one of our vitamin shots when feeling depleted.

Who Cannot Get A Vitamin Shot?

Everyone can receive a vitamin injection.  At Cienega Med Spa we do refrain from treating individuals under the age of 16 however. 

What is the Difference Between These Shots?

At Cienega Med Spa we carry several different shots and formulations. Many clients ask which should they choose?

Our most popular shots are Brighten Up which contains high dose Vitamin C and Glutathione.  Our Be Happy shot contains B Complex and B12.

 In addition, many are fanatics of our Hangover Heaven, High Dose Vitamin C, and Chill Pill Migraine Relief Vitamin Drips.

You can’t go wrong with any of our choices however. May opt for a package of shots or the memberships and choose a different shot each time.

What makes Cienega Med Spa Different?

Take a look at our lush vitamin iv drip rooms.   We provide spacious, luxurious, group and private treatment rooms for your experience.  We are open 7 days a week and have several hundred reviews on Yelp.

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