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 WHY Painless laser hair removal?

• Painless, effective results.
• Safe for ALL skin colors.
• No numbing cream needed.

NO downtime!

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Laser Treatment Consultation

Select this service to learn more about our laser treatments.

30 mins

Small Area PAIN FREE Laser Hair Removal

SMALL AREAS: Underarms, Upper Lip, Cheeks Areola, Abdomen Line, Cheeks, Chin, Ears, Feet & Toes, Hands, Nose, Sideburns, Lower Lip.

15 mins

Medium Area PAIN FREE Laser Hair Removal

MEDIUM AREAS: Forearms, Upper Arms, Neck Front or Back, Abdomen, Bikini Line.

30 mins

Large Area PAIN FREE Laser Hair Removal

LARGE AREAS: Arms Full, Bikini Full, Legs Upper or Lower. Buttocks, Chest, Flanks, Shoulders, Upper Back, Lower Back, Gentleman's Areas.

45 mins

Full Areas PAIN FREE Laser Hair Removal

FULL AREAS: Full Back & Shoulders, Full Chest & Abs, Full Legs, Face Full Or Partial.

45 mins

5 Areas Mix N’ Match

Your choice of 5 areas for painless laser hair removal at a reduced price. Must be same five areas for each visit. Must complete each five areas in each visit otherwise area(s) are forfeited.

105 mins

Full Body, Painless Laser Hair Removal

FULL BODY painless laser hair removal at a reduced price. Must complete all areas in each visit otherwise area(s) are forfeited.

180 mins

The Bundle

The Bundle. Choose ONE full area, ONE large areas AND ONE small area. Must complete all areas in each visit otherwise area(s) are forfeited.

90 mins

Touch Up-Multiple Areas

Choose this to have laser hair removal on multiple areas. Price for each 15 minute segment.

15 mins

Painless Laser Hair Removal at Cienega Med Spa

You don’t have to deal with unwanted hair any more, or endure the pain that was once typical of laser treatments.  Our Painless Laser Hair Removal makes laser treatments comfortable, easy and effective to finally get rid of unwanted hair.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Using Soprano by Alma Lasers Diode type of laser, we provide a truly comfortable experience with the greatest safety rating.

There are hundreds of thousands of hair follicles over the body. Each follicle of hair is in a different growth phase, the active hairs are the hairs you are currently seeing and dealing with.  Laser hair removal works to target hairs these “active hairs”.

Imagine the hair on your head.  The ones falling out are “non active”.  Eventually new hairs will come in the follicle that released the non-active hairs. Of the hairs that are intact and growing, those are “active”.

When these active hairs are targeted, they will recess to a halted phase resulting in hair that is thinner, more sparse and patchy for weeks, months and possibly years. Because lasers only target active hairs, you will need to return when the next set of hairs are expected to be active. This period of time is about four to six weeks.

Successive treatments aim to fully kill off the newly active hair follicles.

 What does the laser hair removal do?

Our Soprano Diode laser delivers 810 nm energy to effectively treat hairs of any composition, thick or thin.

In the process of laser hair removal, hair bulbs are deeply targeted with laser energy to kill them off for good. A laser head passes back and forth over the treatment area and hair bulbs are gradually heated up and gently “cooked”. This process essentially causes enough hair follicle damage so that no future hair can live and grow.

Who Can Be Treated With Our Lasers?

Male or female, body or face, tanned or not, and those of any skin color can receive successful, safe and effective treatments with our laser and superior l laser protocols.

Since our lasers are better at bypassing pigment, those with dark pigment in their skin can receive laser treatment when they previously could not. We have delivered great results to clients of all skin tones, including Middle Eastern, African, Indian skin tone as well as those with fair skin.

Those who have blonde or red hair are advised against any kind of laser because the hairs cannot be targeted to fully destroy.  Think of a white t-shirt in the sun, it never gets warm, thus is the same with treating a blonde hair.  Since the laser color is red, it cannot recognize a red hair.

Is There Downtime? Not with our lasers!

Is There Pain? Not with our lasers!

Our lasers work to gradually cook the hair follicles in the most comfortable manner possible.  This is done by slowly heating the hairs to its desired “cooking point”.

Traditionally lasers always provided pain as the heat was applied.  Today, slow gradual heat and superior cooling mechanisms work to truly make a hair removal experience tolerable and often enjoyable.

 Will I Need Numbing Cream for my Laser Hair Removal? Not with our lasers!

While other laser clinics charge for numbing cream, with us, there is NO NEED for numbing cream. Treatments are comfortable, while highly effective because of our time-tested treatment settings and protocols and superior lasers.

What Kind of Results Should I Expect?

Each treatment will yield thinner, sparse or slower growing set of hairs.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Will I Need?

Because lasers can only target active hairs, and not all hairs are active, all candidates seeking laser hair removal treatments must receive a minimum of 6 treatments to achieve satisfactory results.

When should i Schedule Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

You should receive your treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. Sometimes longer like 8 to 12 weeks if your hair does not grow as fast. Treatments sooner than 4 weeks do NOT provide faster or better results.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

At Cienega Med Spa, we believe in UPFRONT pricing, so you never have to bargain for a great price.

What Makes Us Different? Why Choose Us?

Cienega Med Spa has been providing laser hair removal treatments for close to 10 years.

All providers of laser hair removal at Cienega Med Spa are licensed registered nurses with the utmost professional care to help you achieve your desired results. No area is too embarrassing to be treated with us.

Our locations are extremely clean, tidy and modern.  At our treatment facilities you can enjoy Apple Tv, Hulu on a big screen tv during your treatment.

We Constantly Update our Technology.

We believe in having only the best, most updated technology, and work to constantly review new technologies that emerge, ensuring our lasers are the absolute best in the industry. We use Alma Lasers Diode Laser Hair Removal. Our oldest laser is from January 2017.

With our protocols, we target the treatment areas multiple times, not just once that other provide, so that you can be sure each area was effectively targeted.

Our lasers are “organic”, so no fake chemical air coolants to trick your skin to feel cold before a painful zap comes.

We see laser hair removal as an art form as much as it is a science, and to ensure client satisfaction; we continually test and improve our protocols and settings to ensure the utmost client satisfaction.

Our clients receive a specially tailored treatment based on their unique skin tone/ethnicity, hair type, and area being treated so they can be sure they will have a safe treatment that works!

Plus you do NOT have to stop tanning with our lasers and treatment protocol! That means you can receive treatment at Cienega Med Spa year round.

Our nurses work to be detail oriented and meticulous to please those with discriminating tastes.

We are open 7 days a week, and have multiple lasers to serve you. Please see our hundreds of Yelp reviews of satisfied clients. Our Yelp reviews are proof of the great results and experiences we are known for.

Still not convinced?

Ask us for a free trial to feel and see our laser experience in action!

We have locations in West Hollywood and Santa Monica, near Beverly Hills, servicing all of Los Angeles.


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