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Why Choose Cienega Med Spa for Laser Hair Removal

Cienega Med Spa is synonymous with expertise when it comes to full-body laser hair removal in Los Angeles. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff have mastered the art of using advanced laser technology for long-lasting hair reduction across the entire body. With a commitment to client safety and satisfaction, we tailor each treatment to suit different skin types and hair colors. This ensures that our clients experience the most effective and comfortable hair removal process possible. Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment make us a trusted destination for those seeking a smooth and hair-free body, with results that are both enduring and impressive.

What is full body laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is now Painless & Easy! You can banish unwanted hair on the face or body with a few simple treatments. Our lasers are SAFE FOR ALL skin tones, skin colors, & all ethnicities & safe for all body parts!

Full body laser hair removal is a cutting-edge cosmetic procedure that offers a long-term solution to unwanted hair growth. This technique utilizes laser technology to target and disable hair follicles, preventing them from producing new hair. It is a painless and highly effective option for individuals seeking smooth, hair-free skin on various body parts. Laser hair removal is particularly popular in Los Angeles due to its convenience and suitability for all skin tones and ethnicities. In this sunny city, where maintaining a hair-free appearance is often desired, laser hair removal provides a time-saving and hassle-free solution.

Areas Treated with Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a versatile cosmetic procedure that can treat a wide range of areas on the body. Some of the common areas where laser hair removal is frequently performed include:

Face: This includes areas like the upper lip, chin, sideburns, and full face.
Body: Laser hair removal can effectively treat hair on the arms, underarms, legs, chest, back, and abdomen.
Bikini Line: Many individuals opt for laser hair removal in the bikini area to achieve a clean and smooth look.
Brazilian: This treatment involves the removal of hair from the entire pubic region, leaving varying amounts of hair or a completely hair-free result based on personal preference.
Neck: Laser hair removal can target the neck area for a more defined and hair-free appearance.
Hands and Feet: It can be used to remove unwanted hair on the fingers, toes, and the back of the hands and feet.
Shoulders: For those with shoulder hair concerns, laser hair removal can provide a solution.
Ears and Nose: Some people opt for laser hair removal in these facial areas for a cleaner look.
Buttocks: Laser hair removal is effective in reducing or eliminating hair on the buttocks.
Full Body Laser Hair Removal: As the name suggests, full body laser hair removal covers all major areas, providing comprehensive hair reduction.

How does Painless Laser Hair Removal Work?

Using a Diode type of laser called Soprano by Alma Lasers we can destroy hair follicles without harming the skin. Over a series of treatments, hairs become thinner & sparse, and for most people hair does not return. No numbing cream is needed & treatments are easy!


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  • How Is Painless Laser Hair Removal Possible?

    Just like your iPhone, laser technology has greatly evolved. At Cienega Med Spa we only use superior laser platforms that perform truly comfortable laser hair removal with the same, or better efficacy, all without the tears, hassle and numbing cream of the past, outdated technology. Inferior lasers shoot energy that is so intense, that it not only causes pain, but it provides unnecessary risk & potential damage to the skin of the treated areas. With these lasers, the energy is generally turned down to prevent pain, at the sacrifice of results-this causes customers to need more treatments because the treatments are not effectively destroying hairs. This is not the case with our lasers.

  • How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

    At Cienega Med Spa, we believe in upfront pricing, so you never have to bargain for a great price. Please see our pricing below.

  • How Does “painless” Laser Hair Removal Work?

    Using Soprano by Alma Lasers, the treated areas will have the laser head pass back and forth multiple times, to provide controlled laser rays to target, and kill off, unwanted hair. These laser rays essentially cook off the hair follicle to a point of destruction, all without damage to the skin. The resulting damage to the hair follicles reduce the body’s ability to grow and hold hair in the treated area(s).

  • Doesn’t The Lack Of Pain Mean Worse Results?

    As long as unwanted hairs are targeted with laser rays, the follicle will be cooked off. In fact, our painless lasers are superior than traditional lasers and new non-painful lasers. Here is why….

  • How Can Our Painless Laser Hair Removal Be More Effective?

    Because our laser overlaps the treated areas at minimum 20 times per each treatment, more laser energy is delivered, thus, allowing more time for hairs to be “cooked” off and targeted to destruction.

  • Is Painless Laser Hair Removal Safe?

    Yes. As the laser overlaps the treated areas, the hair is slowly targeted, providing the treating nurse with time to stop treatment should any adverse reactions occur.

  • How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Will I Need?

    The average person who wishes to do laser hair removal is recommended a base of 6 sessions in the same treatment area. With each treatment, a small percentage of hair will reduce, or become finer in texture. Generally after 6 sessions the treated area should see about 50% reduction in hair *some exclusions apply. Remember, laser treatments targets current, active hairs. While your body is responsible for repairing all damaged cells in your body, including hair cells, your body may repair damaged hair follicles post laser hair removal treatments, thus requiring more treatments.

  • What If I Have Super Thick Hair? How Many Laser Treatments Will I Need Then?

    Those with thick, dense hair may need 10 or more sessions. For example, men’s beard will almost always need 10+ sessions, with continued maintenance treatments. Teens may always require 10+ sessions. Those with active hormones may also need 10+ sessions with continued maintenance treatments. Women who become pregnant post treatment may require a new set of treatments. Those with ethnic backgrounds that have a propensity for more hair growth through the body may need 10+ sessions.

  • Who Can Be Treated With Laser Hair Removal?

    Male or female, body or face, tanned or not, and those of any skin color can receive successful, safe and effective treatments with our laser and superior l laser protocols. Since our lasers are known for bypassing pigment on the skin, those with dark pigment in their skin can receive laser treatment when they previously could not. We have delivered great results to clients of all skin tones, including Middle Eastern, African, Indian skin tone as well as those with fair skin.

  • Who Cannot Be Treated With Laser Hair Removal?

    Those who have blonde or red hair are advised against any kind of laser because the hairs cannot be targeted to destruction. Think of a white t-shirt in the sun, it never gets warm, thus is the same with treating a blonde hair. Since the laser color is red, it cannot recognize, or successfully treat red hair.

  • What Areas Of My Body Can I Treat With Laser Hair Removal?

    Any area of the body, from the face, to genitals can be treated safely and effectively. Cienega Med Spa has provided over 85,000 treated areas in the past 10 years of service.

  • Is There Downtime After I Have Laser Hair Removal?

    Not with our lasers! You can return to work, travel or a workout post treatment.

  • Will I Need Numbing Cream For My Laser Hair Removal?

    Not with our lasers! While other laser clinics charge for numbing cream, with us there is NO NEED for numbing cream. Treatments are comfortable, while highly effective because of our time-tested treatment settings and protocols and superior lasers.

  • Why Is There No Pain With Our Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

    Our lasers work to gradually cook the hair follicles in the most comfortable manner possible with slow gradual heat and superior cooling mechanisms. Hair follicles are still effectively targeted, and the added benefit of skin safety is provided with our advanced technology.

  • When Should I Schedule My Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

    You should receive your treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. When your hair starts becoming thinner, you may wait 8 to 12 weeks between treatments. Treatments sooner than 4 weeks do NOT provide faster or better results.