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Why Choose Cienega Med Spa

Cienega Med Spa in Los Angeles showcases exceptional expertise in the realm of infrared therapy, particularly with the innovative NovoThor system. Our well-trained staff has a deep understanding of the therapeutic benefits of infrared technology. NovoThor, known for its advanced whole-body light therapy, offers a range of health and wellness benefits, from pain relief to skin rejuvenation. With a commitment to promoting overall well-being, Cienega Med Spa stands out as a trusted destination for those seeking the rejuvenating effects of NovoThor infrared therapy. Clients can rely on our expertise to harness the power of this cutting-edge technology for improved health, vitality, and relaxation.

What is NovoThor?

Novothor is a red light and infrared therapy bed used to aid the treatment of injuries, reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation.

Typically used by professional athletes, Novothor is now available as an in-spa treatment that is relaxing, low-priced, and easy to schedule.

How Will This Help Me?

With just 15 minutes of use, you will gradually feel an increase in energy and mood.

Package Pricing

Use toward your choice of:
Normatec Compression Therapy,
Novothor Infrared,
Vitamin Shots*

Mix and match your treatments and improve your performance.

Peak Performance Package – 10 Sessions ($38.50 Each, Save 30%) | $550 $385

Each session may be used for Cryotherapy, Normatec Compression Therapy, Novothor Infrared, or Vitamin Shots (*$55 value)

*Only valid for Vitamin Shots valued at $55 or less