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When you come in for your free consult, a member of our medical team will assess your desired treatment area. They will then suggest the best route or treatment to reach your goals. Treatment can be done same day in as little as 30 minutes.


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  • What Can Be Treated?

    We can generally treat: Skin Tags, Cherry Angiomas, Fibromas, Keratosis, Cholesterol Deposits, Calcium Bumps, Broken Capillaries, Milia & more.

  • Is There Any Downtime?

    The treated area will look different in color, so you will want to plan on using tinted moisturizer or a bandaid to cover the treated area.

  • What Is The After Care?

    We ask that you refrain from picking, peeling or pulling the area of treatment, to let it heal on its own. Within a few weeks, the skin will heal and the treated area will return to normal skin quality.

  • How Long Does The Treatment Take?

    Treatment time takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes.

  • Are These Skin Growths Safe To Remove?

    During the free consultation, the treatment specialist will evaluate the area to be treated and make absolutely certain that the area can be treated safely. In most cases, skin growths are non-cancerous and can be safely removed. Any questionable treatment area will be referred out for alternative care.

  • Is This Treatment Permanent?

    Yes! Once a skin growth has been treated it generally never returns. However, if your skin is prone to these types of growths, new ones may still appear elsewhere on your face and body.

  • What Are Skin Irregularities And Growths?

    Skin growths are accumulations of a variety cells that look different than the surrounding skin tissue. They may be flat or raised and range in color from dark brown or black to flesh-colored or red. Some skin kin growths may be present at birth or could develop later in life

  • What Are Skin Tags?

    Skin tags are soft, small, harmless, flesh-colored or slightly darker skin growths that are most commonly found on the neck, the armpits, or the trunk.They may appear elsewhere on the body, as well. The cause is unknown, but they commonly appear after middle age. They begin as small fleshy brown spots and may grow on a small stalk or stem.

  • Can Skin Tags Turn Into Cancer?

    Skin tags never turn into skin cancer. The tendency to develop skin tags appear to be inherited (genetic). Some women also develop skin tags during pregnancy. Usually, skin tags cause not problematic, but they may be unattractive, and clothing or skin may rub and irritate them so that they bleed or hurt.

  • When Should Skin Tags Be Removed?

    A skin tag can be removed if it becomes irritated, bleeds, or causes embarrassment.

  • What Are Cherry Angiomas (ruby Spots)?

    Cherry angiomas (ruby spots) are harmless clusters of dilated tiny blood vessels (capillaries) that become more common after age 30. The cause is unknown.

  • What Are The Characteristics Of A Cherry Angiomas?

    Bright, cherry red, smooth spots appear most often on the trunk and upper legs but may sometimes be found on the neck, face or arms.

  • What Is A Cholesterol Deposit?

    Cholesterol Deposit(Xanthomas) are fatty deposits that build up under the skin are commonly found on the elbows, knees, hands, feet, and buttocks.

  • What Is A Milia?

    Milia are dead skin cells trapped within the surface tissues of the nose, cheeks and chin. It is not a form of acne, though the bumps may become inflamed and resemble acne.