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What is Vitamin Therapy?

Even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, your body demands nutrients. With our vitamin IVs, we can we can deliver key nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, electrolytes and hydration to dramatically improve your health, wellness and mood.

How Does Vitamin Therapy Work?

By directly infusing your body with much needed nutrients, your body can perform at peak levels. This is achieved with just a simple vitamin shot or a vitamin drip at one of our luxurious treatment clinics. Those who are short on time prefer shots, however, if you are feeling really depleted, we recommend a vitamin drip.


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  • Why Receive Vitamin Therapy?

    Vitamin drips are much more effective than taking oral supplements due to the fact that vitamin supplements get diminished in the GI tract, and thus do not get fully absorbed. With a vitamin drip, key nutrition is delivered to your blood for immediate and full absorption. The result? An instant, noticeable improvement in overall body and mental function.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin Treatments?

    Boost your immunity, regain your energy and mental focus, boost your fat and calorie burning power and help rebuild muscles for athletic performance. Immediately Feel Better Boost Your Mood. Destress & Relax Get Hydrated Boost Your Skin Clarity Get Energy Relieve a Hangover. Rebuild Muscles Boost Athletic Performance Reduce the Healing Time of a Cold or Flu. Reverse the effects of Aging

  • What Is The Difference Between A Vitamin Injection And A Drip?

    IVs provide hydration, shots do not. IVs typically take 30-45 minutes, shots take less than a minute. IVs surge your system with nutrients as fast as possible, ideal for when you are sick, tired or hungover. Shots deliver vitamins that last in your system for up to one week. Great for general maintenance. IVs provide almost 10 times as much vitamins as shots.

  • How Does Vitamin Therapy Work?

    In the 1980s, Dr. Myer’s studied 15,000 people who were ailing from common conditions such as allergies, asthma, migraines, cold/flu/fever, chronic fatigue as well as more serious conditions such as depressions, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, narcotic withdrawal, as well as athlete and peak performance. Dr. Myers then developed and tested a “cocktail” of vitamins to be infused in a saline hydration drip-which is the very first thing a hospital does upon an intake of a patient, for infusion at regular intervals. The results were staggering, helping thousands of people feel better, perform better and gradually, but drastically improve their health over time. Thus the term “Myer’s Cocktail” developed. At Cienega Med Spa, we have elevated the Myer’s Cocktail base of formulas to include even more vitamins, nutrients, minerals and hydration to give our clients even better of an outcome for the average lifestyle.

  • How Long Does Vitamin Therapy Take?

    An iv infusion typically takes 20 minutes to one hour depending on which iv you choose; a shot takes about a minute; and a push takes about 10 minutes (a push is a vitamin shot into the vein, vs a muscle). We have multiple vitamins and IV fluid sizes to choose from, so you can customize your hydration and health as you desire. During your vitamin drip NO NEEDLE in your arm. A thin, flexible piece of sterile plastic (catheter) delivers the iv fluids into your bloodstream, so that your vein remains safe during the entire treatment. With a shot, a needle is injected into the muscle for less than a minute to deliver the vitamin into your muscle fibers. For a push, again a catheter is used to deliver vitamins to your system.

  • What Is A “push”?

    A push is a greater dosage of vitamin delivered via iv (in the vein). A push, however does not provide hydration like our vitamin drips?

  • Does Vitamin Therapy Hurt?

    An iv does have to enter your vein for access, so at treatment onset you may feel a slight bit of pressure at entry point, however that feelings lasts less than a few seconds long. As the hydration and vitamins infuse, you will feel no pain whatsoever. With a shot, you may feel a slight poke or bit of pressure, but the shot will be over before you feel any pain.

  • Is There Any Downtime From Vitamin Therapy?

    No. You may go back to work, your workout or travel plans immediately after a vitamin therapy treatment-in fact its recommended to receive vitamins before a workout, travel or work. The vitamins will give you the energy and mood boost you need to get through your day and feel naturally energized, productive and ready to crush your workout.

  • Are There Any Risks From Vitamin Therapy?

    Typically no. However small and minor risks include bruising or pain at the injection site. More serious complications, though very rare can result in scar tissue in the vein from too frequent use of the vein.

  • Can You Overdose On Vitamins?

    Because the vitamins we use are water soluble, your body will absorb what it needs, and pass what it does not. So naturally your body will pass the extra vitamins through. We do limit the amount of times clients wish to receive vitamin therapy overall as too much fluid in the body can be dangerous. This is also why you will want to make sure your vitamin iv center is doctor supervised and a nurse practitioner is monitoring your treatment progress as we do at Cienega Med Spa.

  • When Will I Experience The Benefits From Vitamin Therapy?

    Often our clients remark feeling better within a few minutes, and even remark that they can taste the vitamins. Most clients feel the effects of the vitamin therapy within a few hours and up to one week post treatment.

  • How Often Should I Get Vitamin Therapy For Great Skin?

    Many seek out our vitamin therapy to help improve their overall skin appearance, and even lighten their skin tone (which is possible through our High Dose Glutathione and Vitamin C drips). We typically recommend our vitamin therapy to be received as needed. Many opt for packages of 6 or 10 for regular appointments to keep their health aligned.

  • How Often Can I Get A Vitamin Treatment?

    We recommend that you receive our vitamin drips as needed; if you feel tired, sick, hungover, or just plain “blah” our vitamin drips can come to the rescue. If you are very sick, you may receive up to 2 liters of fluid, in the course of one week. If you prefer to have a regular regimen of treatments, we would recommend no more than one IV per week. For shots, we typically recommend no more than twice per week.

  • Can I Get Vitamin Therapy When I Am Sick?

    Absolutely. It is recommended to receive one of our vitamin drips when feeling depleted.

  • Who Cannot Receive Vitamin Therapy?

    Anyone who has a normal healthy lifestyle may receive our drips. In addition those who are feeling ill or ailing may also seek relief with our drips. Those with kidney failure or high blood pressure may not be good candidates for our vitamin drips. Anyone can receive a vitamin injection however! At Cienega Med Spa, we respectfully decline vitamin IV drip treatment for anyone younger than the age of 16 and those undergoing active cancer therapy; however vitamin injections are suitable for nearly all cases and health backgrounds.

  • What Is The Difference With The Items On Your Menu?

    At Cienega Med Spa we carry over 50 different formulations of IVs, shots and push to provide our clients with options that suit their needs and lifestyles. Many clients ask which should they choose? Our most popular IVs are VIIV (Very Important IV) which contains all of the vitamins we carry in stock. Life Repair which contains maximum doses of ALL the vitamins we carry in stock. In addition, many are fanatics of our Hangover Heaven, High Dose Vitamin C, and Chill Pill Migraine Relief Vitamin Drips. Our most popular shots are B12, Cold Buster and Athlete’s Retreat. Our most popular push is our Brighten Up Push which is ideal for immunity, skin health and wellness. We suggest the 1 liter bag of vitamins, however we also have half liter drips for those who are smaller in frame or weight, or those seeking a faster iv drip. For athletes, we recommend our Athletes Retreat IV which contains Amino Acids, Lactated Ringers as well as a Myer’s cocktail base. For those looking for Skin Nutrition, we recommend our Brighten Up IV which contains high dose Glutathione and Vitamin C as well as B12. For those on a budget, you may choose our Simple Saline Drip which is just pure hydration and no vitamins. You can’t go wrong with any of our iv choices however. May opt for a package of IVs and choose a different iv each time.