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How Can Surgical Scars be treated?

Our Alma Harmony iPixel laser is a highly effective, deep ablative skin-resurfacing treatment that offers a complete skin reset. iPixel, like its counterpart, Fraxel, helps reduce scarring, pigmentation, shrink pore size, reduce fine lines & wrinkles and give an overall “new” skin quality. iPixel is an extremely powerful tool that can eliminate a high percentage of acne and other scars, leaving the skin smooth, soft and beautiful. Say goodbye to those old and new surgical and acne scars.  Skin texture is greatly improved and so is the overall quality and clarity. iPixel leaves skin tighter, smoother, younger and refreshed.  It’s a whole new you!

Scarring from surgery, acne and various other causes can leave skin with dips, pits and discoloration.  Luckily, iPixel can handle these various challenges. The results are astounding.  We have client who have suffered with scarring for years, that are thrilled beyond words when they see the beautiful results of iPixel.  Try it! Become a believer! Call us today and find out what iPixel can do for you.

Popular Treatments

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Skincare Consultation

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30 mins

IPixel Small Area

For a Pixel treatment of a small area the size of a business card.

15 mins

IPixel Medium Area

For a Pixel treatment of a medium area the size of a half sheet of paper.

30 mins

IPixel Large Area

For a Pixel treatment of a large area the size of a full sheet of paper.

30 mins

Pixel for the Arms

Complete laser resurfacing for mild to severe skin recovery needs. Treat scars, acne pits, spider veins, broken capillaries, uneven skin tone, skin tags, fine lines & wrinkles & reduce the appearance of sun damage and enlarged pores.

60 mins

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