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  • What Is A Hydrafacial?

    Have you ever wondered how celebrities look younger as the years pass? That is because their skin care regimen includes treatments with Hydrafacial. The Hydrafacial is an all in one inclusive treatment that de-clogs, de-greases and purifies the skin within just 30-45 minutes and absolutely no downtime. This treatment is the evolution of traditional facials, using technology to bring about lasting and immediate change to the skin.

  • How Does It Work?

    It’s all in the technology that is patented by Hydrafacial.  A special “vortex-fusion” set of tips are what draw out impurities, exfoliate the skin and deeply infuse nourishing serums. First, the skin is cleansed and degreased.  The vortex tips drives in lactic acid and algae extract to unclog pores and draw out impurities. This process is safe enough to not provide any downtime, but effective enough to really get in and deep clean. The second step is to apply a medical grade peel of glycolic and salicylic acids to gently remove dead, dull skin cells. This powerful exfoliation leaves your skin brighter, softer and noticeably improved. This is followed by the patented vortex vacuum extractions which deeply unclogs pores without pinching and redness typical with extractions from traditional “old school facials”. Yes, with Hydrafacial you can get deep pore unclogging without redness, marks or dark spots! This makes this the ideal option for those with sensitive skin.

  • What Does The Treatment Feel Like?

    The Hydrafacial is a relaxing experience.  While your face is pampered, it’s also deeply cleansed, exfoliated and purified.  Your skin will be glowing immediately after.

  • Does It Hurt?

    No, the Hydrafacial is a painless treatment.

  • Is This Treatment Safe?

    Yes, the Hydrafacial is safe for all skin types, and is a great option even for the body. This is a great treatment for dark or African skin types to help lighten hyper-pigmentation post acne.

  • How Many Treatments Will I Need?

    While you will notice immediate results such as glowing skin, for more severe aging and hyper-pigmentation treatment needs, it is recommended to schedule a series of treatments, at least one every 2-4 weeks to dramatically improve the quality of your skin.

  • When Should I Get My Next Treatment?

    It is recommended to schedule your next treatment every 2 to 4 weeks following each treatment.

  • Are There Any Side Effects?

    There are minor side effects a patient might see if they are allergic to shellfish or aspirin.

  • Who Should Not Get This Treatment?

    The HydraFacial is suitable all skin types and tones. The Hydrafacial helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture, overall clarity all while deeply cleansing the pores of impurities.

  • Is There Any Downtime?

    No, in fact, your skin will be glowing immediately after. Before you walk out your skin is prepped with a hydrating moisturizer and SPF.  You are able to go back to work right after your treatment.

  • Can I Get A Treatment Before A Special Event Or Travel?

    This is the ideal treatment to receive right before an event or long travel as it greatly decongests the skin and provide an instant glow.

  • Hydrafacial Express Vs Deluxe?

    Express: This quick 30 minute treatment is the fastest option. This includes all steps of the Hydrafacial as well as a specialty peel. Hydrafacial Deluxe: This slightly longer treatment includes all that in the Hydrafacial Express and includes your choice of a specialized Growth Factor Serum or Vitamin C Concentrate Serum to target dark spots. This slightly longer treatment offers a bit more deep cleansing and de-clogging.   Lastly is the infusion of  powerful antioxidant serums and peptides.