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What is the Precise Peel By Zein Obagi?

This Zein Obagi (Z.O.) 3 Step Precise Peel is a treatment composed of salicylic acid (17%), trichloroacetic acid (10%), & lactic acid (5%) that helps wipe away sun damage, spots, dots, mild scarring and imperfections. This treatment is safe for ALL skin tones. This Peel is a great alternative for those who do not wish to receive laser skin treatments to lift and correct.

How does the Precise Peel By Zein Obagi work?

This Zein Obagi (ZO) 3 Step Precise Peel contains a specific combination of acids that work together in perfect harmony to target the aging and discolored layers of the skin. In as little as 20 minutes, the Zein Obagi (Z.O.) 3 Step Precise Peel melts into the dermis for quick and deep precision to provide the safest and most effective low-downtime peel.

Clinical Facial Package Pricing

Use toward your choice of:
Precise Peel by Zen Obagi,
Hydrafacial Express,
Acne Clarifying Facial,
Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Facial,
Vitamin C Brightening Facial,
Back Clarifying Facial,
Sensitive Skin Facial

Vitamin IV & 2 Lunchtime Facials | $447 $402

Receive $45 off when you add a Myer’s Cocktail IV and a second Lunchtime Hydrafacial MD for your next visit.

Clinical Facials – 6 Sessions – Save 15% | $894 $760

Buy 6 sessions and save 15% ($126.65/session)

Clinical Facials – 10 Sessions – Save 30% | $1,490 $1,043

Buy 10 sessions and save 30% ($104.30/session)

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