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IPixel for the Face

Complete laser resurfacing for mild to severe skin recovery needs. Treat scars, acne pits, spider veins, broken capillaries, uneven skin tone, skin tags, fine lines & wrinkles & reduce the appearance of sun damage and enlarged pores.

45 mins

IPL for the Face

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for treatment of red & brown spots on the face, neck or body. Great for treatment of scars, spots, freckles & rosacea. Suitable for those with fair/light skin tones only. (Men must shave prior to treatment)

30 mins

Skin Tag Removal Treatment

You don’t have to live with that pesky skin tag, cherry angioma or hardened whiteheads. This high powered electrical treatment dries the treated area for near instant removal.

30 mins

Clear and Brilliant For the Face

Clear and Brilliant® is also a great skincare option for those who don’t have the time for a more aggressive corrective laser procedure such as Pixel or IPL, but still want visible and lasting results. Safe for all skin tones!

45 mins

Hydrafacial Deluxe

6 Steps to total skin renewal. Deep cleansing & detox, vortex extractions, deep serum infusion, a medical grade peel, brightening peel with micro-current to push deep down to treat hyper-pigmentation and growth factor serum. Your skin will absolutely glow after this treatment. Great right before a special event.

45 mins

Hydrafacial Express

3 step facial that can be done on your lunch break. Basic deep cleanse, vortex extractions and medical grade peel. This service is ideal for the regular facial goer. Not ideal for problem or clogged skin-please choose Hydrafacial Deluxe.

20 mins

Perfect Peel

Medical grade peels (30%) to help reduce pigmentation, acne breakouts & exfoliate dull skin by penetrating just the superficial layers of the skin. No downtime.

15 mins

Cortisone Shot for Acne or Ingrown Hairs

Cortisone (kenalog) shot to instantly reduce the inflammation of a cystic acne pimple or ingrown hair. $45 per shot.

15 mins