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Stop Sweating with Botox

Reduce sweating of your hands & underarms

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What is Botox For Sweating?

Your overactive sweat glads can be treated with just a few Botox shots! That’s right, we can stop excessive sweating from the hands and underarms with a Botox treatment.

How Does Botox Help to reduce sweating?

By softening the muscles that sweat, less sweat is secreted! Results last up to 6 months. The hands, feet or underarms can be treated using Botox, Dysport or Xeomin.


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  • How Does It Work?

    Botox and Xeomin for sweating works to freeze the action of muscles responsible for producing sweat.  With your treatment, excessive sweating is resolved with no downtime. 

  • What Are Units And How Many Will I Need?

    Treatment is measured in “units”. The underarms or the hands will require 100 units. Botox and Xeomin are similar products (different manufacturer). 

  • Where Else Can Botox Or Xeomin Be Used?

    Today it can be used for the jawline (masseter muscles to reduce the thickness of the cheeks), for the underarms and hands for excessive sweating, around the lips to curl out and pucker the lip line and to reduce "smoker's lines" and much more!

  • Say Goodbye To Excessive Sweating

    Clinical research has proven that Botox and Xeomin are clinically indicated for the reduction of sweating for the underarms as well as the hands. Find freedom from the embarrassment that comes with excessive sweating. You will be so glad you tried this!

  • When Will I See Results?

    Some will see results as soon as three days, most will see results in 7-14 days post treatment. Treatment is indicated to last up to 3 months before another application is needed, while some say that they can still see the effects up to 6 months post treatment.