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  • What Is Vitamin Therapy?

    Vitamin therapy refers to the use of liquid vitamins injected into the body via a shot (given through the muscle), iv drip (a full bag of hydration and vitamins delivered through the vein) or "push" (a fast vitamin shot delivered through the vein). By infusing your body with pure vitamins though a shot, push or iv, your body gets the nutrition it needs to heal faster, feel better, improve skin quality, and improve mental and physical performance.

  • How Is Vitamin Therapy Better Than Oral Supplements?

    Vitamin drips are much more effective than taking oral supplements due to the fact that vitamin supplements get diminished in the GI tract, and thus do not get fully absorbed. With injectable vitamin therapy, we are delivering key nutrition into your body, for immediately absorption.

  • What Results Can I Expect From Vitamin Therapy?

    Most people experience a benefit within 20 minutes of receiving vitamin therapy. The results are better mood and feeling, better sleep, faster healing and better mental clarity. With continued treatments, you can support your health and wellbeing to be at its peak.

  • How Does Vitamin Therapy Work?

    In the 1980s, Dr. Myer's studied 15,000 people who were ailing from common conditions such as allergies, asthma, migraines, cold/flu/fever, chronic fatigue as well as more serious conditions such as depressions, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, narcotic withdrawal, as well as athlete and peak performance. He developed and tested a "cocktail" of vitamins to be infused in a saline hydration drip-which is the very first thing a hospital does upon an intake of a patient, for infusion at regular intervals. The results were staggering, helping those thousands of people feel better, perform better and gradually, but drastically improve their health over time.  Thus the term "Myer's Cocktail" developed, which is the explanation of using vitamins in an iv bag. At Cienega Med Spa, we have developed those Myer's Cocktail base of formulas to include even more vitamins, nutrients, minerals and hydration to give our clients even better of an outcome for the average lifestyle.

  • How Long Does Vitamin Therapy Take?

    A vitamin shot can be received in less than 5 minutes, a push generally takes 10-15 minutes, and an iv generally takes 25-45 minutes.

  • Does Vitamin Therapy Hurt?

    While sensations vary from person to person, vitamin therapy is not considered painful.

  • Is There Any Downtime From Vitamin Therapy?

    Not at all. You may go back to work, your workout or travel plans immediately after an iv. It is actually recommended that you get a vitamin drip if you are going to have a busy week of work, will be over-exerting yourself over a strenuous workout or plan to be in transit for hours due to travel plans.

  • Are There Any Risks From Vitamin Therapy?

    Typically no.  However small and minor risks include bruising or pain at the injection site.  

  • Is Vitamin Therapy Safe To Receive On An Ongoing Basis?

    As the vitamins we use are water soluble, your body will absorb what it needs, and pass what it does not, so vitamin therapy is suitable for ongoing use-please consult with our medical team to address your individual needs.

  • When Will I Experience The Benefits Of Vitamin Therapy?

    Often our clients remark feeling better within 15 minutes, and even remark that they can taste the vitamins. Most clients feel the effects of the vitamin drips within a few hours and up to one week post treatment.

  • Will Vitamin Therapy Help My Skin?

    Absolutely. Our vitamin therapy will also help your skin in addition to positively impacting your mood, health and wellbeing.

  • How Often Can I Get Vitamin Therapy?

    Vitamin therapy is customized per your personal demands and needs, so please consult with our medical team to learn more about when to schedule continued treatments.

  • Can I Get Vitamin Therapy When I Am Sick?

    Absolutely. It is highly recommended to receive vitamin therapy when feeling depleted to speed up healing and recovery time.

  • Who Cannot Receive Vitamin Therapy?

    At Cienega Med Spa, we respectfully decline IV Hydration treatment for those with kidney failure or high blood pressure, anyone younger than the age of 16 and those undergoing active cancer therapy, however vitamin shots may be suitable. Please consult with our medical team to learn more.