Vitamin Therapy for Athletic Recovery

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Vitamin Therapy for Athletic Recovery
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Athlete’s Retreat Injection

Repair, rebuild and replenish

15 mins

Athlete’s Retreat Vitamin IV; 500ml Liter

The very best of athletic recovery with electrolytes, nutrients and vitamins oh my! This IV has the most Amino acids and Magnesium *Please note, your drip duration varies on individual factors and can range from 30-45 minutes to 1 hour+, so please plan accordingly.

30 mins

Athlete’s Retreat

Base plus Chromium, L-Carnitine & the highest amount of Amino Acids. Available in half or full liter.

45 mins

Acupuncture Sports Injuries

Treat chronic or acute injuries anywhere on the body. For professional & non-professional athletes.

60 mins

Acupuncture Stress Relief

De-stress & promote your well-being with a customized acupuncture session.

45 mins

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