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Botox For Pain Relief

Since Botox was first approved by the FDA in the 1980’s for use in eye surgery, most people have come to associate it with the cosmetic use of reduction in facial lines and wrinkles. Most commonly Botox has been used to treat lines between the brow, on the forehead, and “crow’s feet” around the eyes.  But, did you know that Botox can be used to alleviate pain as well? Botox has proven to be extremely effective at eliminating migraine headaches as well as neck and shoulder pain.

Botox for Migraine Headaches

Great news for headache sufferers! Since 2010, Botox, by Allergan,  has been FDA approved for the relief and prevention of chronic migraine headaches. At this time, Allergan states that correct injection of Botox can prevent migraine recurrence up to three months when properly injected by a medical professional.  Although this process may require quite a few injections carefully placed in specific areas of the head and neck, clients who receive this treatment find that the results are life changing.  


How Did Botox Come to Be Used For Migraine Headaches?

Many people wonder how it is that Botox came to be used to relieve the chronic and miserable pain associated with  Migraine headaches.  Here is where we have to get a little bit technical. Initially, those who were treated with Botox frequently found that their headaches went away within a few hours or days of being treated. These patients, who were only expecting to see a reduction in facial wrinkles and lines, were understandably thrilled at the cessation of their headache pain, and made numerous inquiries about it. Treating physicians and registered nurses thought that the relief from migraine headaches was the result of more relaxed facial musculature. Now, through years of in depth study, science has revealed that Botox, or Botulinum Toxin, inhibits the release of peripheral nociceptive neurotransmitters, thus suppressing the main pain processing center that is responsible for migraine headaches. For migraine headache sufferers, it is beyond life transforming to know that there is hard science to show just how safe and effective Botox is at relieving migraine headache pain. This process is safe and effective, It has been performed successfully on thousands who formerly battled with the crippling effects of Migraine headaches.


How Many Botox Treatments Will I Need to Relieve a Migraine Headache?

For most migraine headache sufferers, this Botox treatment process is one they will want to undergo about once every three months.  The ability to prevent future outbreaks of pain is one of the best things about Botox in regards to migraine headaches. Not only can Botox relieve the agony you may currently be experiencing, but it is also able  prevent future migraine headaches from cropping up unexpectedly. Freedom, that is what Botox offers to migraine headache sufferers.


What are the Symptoms of a  Migraine headache ?

Anyone who has ever suffered with chronic migraines understands the struggle just to live life on a daily basis.  Sometimes, it is hard to even get out of bed in the morning. The pain can be excruciating. For many, there are a variety of difficult and unsettling symptoms to deal with. Some describe their migraines as presenting vision problems, known as  a “migraine aura”. This phenomenon leaves the patient feeling partially blind, usually in one eye. In fact, many migraine sufferers describe this as seeing “lights” on one side of their field of vision. This is often a sign that a migraine is about to come on. This impaired vision is frequently experienced in conjunction with a general feeling of nausea and exhaustion. In addition, the migraine sufferer may develop a fever along with pounding, and intolerable pain.  This throbbing and miserable pain in various parts of the head can make life absolutely unlivable. If all of this isn’t enough, many find that there is no relief for days on end and that frequent vomiting is also a symptom.  


Luckily, many migraine sufferers have been finding relief using Botox from Allergan, and their quality of life has been restored. If you are a migraine headache sufferer, we would highly suggest that you book an appointment for a free consultation with one of our highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced registered nurses.  Come on in and see if Botox may be the solution you have been searching for.  


Botox for Shoulder Tension and Neck Pain Relief

Another amazing and highly effective benefit of Botox has been discovered by the many nurses and treating physicians who have studied its use along the way: Neck and shoulder pain relief. Due to the very nature of Botox, and it’s ability to relax tense muscles, providers have found that neck and shoulder pain can be temporarily relieved as well.  On any given day, how many of us find that our neck and shoulders need some relief from the overwhelming tension and stress of our lives?  Whether it’s due to a high pressure job, personal issues, or the traffic nightmares that we become entangled in, some relief would be worth it’s weight in gold.


Luckily, some carefully placed Botox injections can really do the trick to alleviate that annoying neck and shoulder pain. Our highly trained registered nurses have accumulated many years of practical experience helping clients live pain free lives using Botox.  You won’t find this level of expertise very often.  At Cienega Med Spa, we pride ourselves on providing consistent and rigorous training for our registered nurses and nurse practitioners.


How Long Does It Take Botox To Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Generally, clients who are treated with Botox for the relief of neck and shoulder pain, report that it takes a few days for the tension and discomfort to subside.  The nature of Botox is that it must absorb into to the muscle being treated.  Just as when the face is treated, this takes days, and possibly even a whole week for the full effects to be realized. The good news is that this treatment is very simple and effective at relaxing those tense muscles, and can keep them relaxed for three to four months post treatment.  Everyone is different, so there is no absolute guideline for these timetables.  Some will find that their neck and shoulders feel better after only one day, others will require the full week or even up to eleven days.   This is also the case with how long the results last.  Though most clients return for another treatment sometime after 90 days, some find that it lasts a bit past the four month mark.  There is no exact rule. The one thing that can be counted on is that it works.  If you need relief, Cienega Med Spa is here for you.  Schedule a free consultation today.

Botox for Jaw Tension and TMJ

A great many of our clients have discovered that they no longer have to suffer with chronic jaw tension and the headaches it can produce. TMJ, named for the Temporo-Mandibular Joints on either side of the face, can be a very unpleasant and often painful annoyance. TMJ can cause headaches and a very tight, tense feeling that becomes worse through daily activities such as talking and eating.  Many find that this affliction follows them into sleep, where they chronically grind their teeth and awaken with headaches. This is obviously not an optimal way to lives one’s life.  

Thank goodness we have many highly trained and experienced registered nurses who know exactly how to treat the masseter with Botox. This amazing and effective treatment brings stunning relief, allowing TMJ to  become nothing more than an unpleasant memory.  


How Long Will Botox Last When Treating Jaw Tension and TMJ?

The majority of patients who receive Botox for their TMJ and jaw tension issues find that it takes anywhere from a few days to a full week for the results to completely take effect.  These results last anywhere from three to four months, and can truly change the way you experience life.  Please come see us for a free consultation, and let our registered nurses share their expertise with you today.

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